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South African Equine Veterinary Association
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Annual South African Equine Veterinary Association Congress

2015 - South Africa: scientific programme


SUNDAY 15 February 2015
17H00: Registration
18H00: Welcoming Cocktail
MONDAY 16 February 2015
07H00 – 08H00: Late registration
OPENING SESSION: Deon van Tonder
08H00 – 09H00: Fluid therapy for colic - tricks that can be used in the field Hal Schott
09H00 – 10H00: Renal failure in horses: what can we do? Hal Schott
10H00 – 10H30: Introduction of Trade
10H30 – 11H15: Tea
11H15 – 11H30: Sponsored session
11H30 – 12H00: Epidemiology of West Nile virus and endemic arboviruses in
neurological disease in South Africa: a One Health approach Marietjie Venter
12H00 – 13H00: Equine abdominal ultrasound Rachael Conwell
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch
SESSION TWO: Manfred Rohwer
14H00 – 15H00: Equine Allergies: what can we do about itchy horses? Annette Petersen
15H00 – 15H30: The headshaking horse: investigation and management Zoe Gratwick
15H30 – 16H00: Tea
16H00 – 17H00: Interpretation of cervical radiographs and other diagnostic
imaging for equine wobbler syndrome Richard Piercy
17H00 – 17H30: FEI update Sheelagh Higgerty
17H30 – 18H00: Committee feedback
18H00 – 19H00: AGM
TUESDAY 17 February 2015
07H15 – 08H00: African horsesickness update Alan Guthrie
08H00 – 09H00: The equine neurological examination Richard Piercy
09H00 – 10H00: Neuromuscular causes of gait deficits Richard Piercy
10H00 – 10H15: Sponsored session
10H15 – 11H00: Tea
11H00 – 12H00: Fat, foundered horses - Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Laminitis
Overview of EMS/IR in horses Hal Schott
12H00 – 13H00: Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction - diagnosis and treatment Hal Schott
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch
Sport(s) afternoon!
WEDNESDAY 18 February 2015
SESSION FOUR: Bennie van der Merwe
08H00 – 09H00: Challenge of endurance exercise:  Overview of endurance work, failure to finish, and causes of fatalities Hal Schott
09H00 – 10H00: Electrolytes for endurance horses - are they needed? Hal Schott
10H00 - 10H15: Sponsored session
10H15 – 11H00: Tea
11H00 – 12H00: Pastern Dermatitis and Beyond Annette Petersen
12H00 – 13H00: Investigation and management of horses with seizures Richard Piercy
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch
GALA SESSION: Deon van Tonder
14H00 – 15H00: Pathophysiology and management of equine exertional rhabdomyolysis Richard Piercy
15H00 – 15H15: Sponsored session
15H15 – 16H00: Tea
16H00 – 17H00: Investigation of adult horses with chronic diarrhea Rachael Conwell
19H00: Robin Rous Dinner.
THURSDAY 19 February 2015
FINAL SESSION: Sheelagh Higgerty
08H00 – 09H00: Do horses really get liver disease? Hal Schott
09H00 – 10H00: Another skinny horse with a normal physical exam: now what? Hal Schott
10H00 – 10H30: Hyaluronic acid, more than just lubrication Roberto Ragni-Alunni
10H30 – 11H00: Tea
11H00 – 12H00: Pathophysiology of recurrent laryngeal neuropathy Richard Piercy
12H00 – 13H00: Dealing with the recumbent horse at equestrian athletic events Richard Piercy
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch
- END -

Know your horse Owners Day

15 February 2015, Protea Hotel Stellenbosch

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9-9.40 Repro Robin Moore
9.40-10.20 Prevention and management of herpes-virus associated abortions Martin Schulman
10.20-10.50 Tea
10.50-11.30 Always look a gift horse in the mouth! Nicole du Toit
11.30-12.10 Update on African horsesickness Camilla Weyer, Alan Guthrie
12.10-1.10 Lunch/Walk around industry stands
1.10-1.50 An incovenient truth - global worming and drug resistance Zoe Gratwick
1.50-2.30 Challenges of long-distance running - what stops horses and humans? Hal Schott
2.30-3.00 Tea/ Walk around industry stands
3.00-3.40 Skin disease in horses Annette Peterson
3.40-4.20 "Pass the salt, please" - practical recommendations for electrolyte use in sport horses Hal Schott

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Written by Madaleen   
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The South African Equine Veterinary Association (a group of the SAVA) is dedicated to improve the health and welfare of the equid through professional development of its members, providing leadership and resources in matters pertaining to the equine industry.

Members enjoy a number of benefits:

  • An annual SAEVA conference, is held in February every year. Your membership entitle you to a substantial discount on registration.
  • A quarterly magazine, the EQUINE HEALTH UPDATE, will keep you up to date on news and scientific articles for continued professional development for the equine practitioner.
  • DVD recordings of a number of CPD events available on order.
  • Members can obtain a PDF version of proceedings of Equine Congresses from 2000 at no cost. Hard copies available on order.
  • Regional CPD workshops and events are also organised for members according to specific requests and needs.
  • Client education workshops are offered as a service to members on a regular basis.
  • Resources developed by the SAEVA, like the PRE-PURCHASE EXAMINATION forms and MORTALITY INSURANCE forms and EQUINE ANATOMIC CHART are available to SAEVA members.


Screening of stallions for CEM in SA

Screening of stallions Programme for CEM in SA

It has been announced by the Department of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries (DAFF) that all stallions used for breeding or semen collection in South Africa have to undergo testing for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM).

The Disease

CEM is a venereal bacterial disease of equines.  It can be transmitted by artificial insemination techniques and natural cover.


Until April 2011 South Africa was declared free of the disease.  It was imported with a Warmblood stallion.  In May 2011 South Africa lost its CEM Free Status with the OIE.  We need to get it back by eradicating the disease.  It has export implications at a time when we need as many factors as possible to contribute to normal export status for South Africa.  Failure to comply will result in progeny of the stallion NOT being eligible for registration in the relevant stud book.


All stallions need to be tested twice using special techniques (dry swab, no transport media) and special testing (PCR at ERC) one week apart.


Please familiarise yourself with the Procedure Manual as prescribed by DAFF. Download CEM Procedure here.

More information at www.cemsa.co.za
Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 October 2012 11:54


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DAFF reported an outbreak of AHS to the OIE - 11 July 2013

Four horses tested positive for AHS on RT-PCR in the Melkbostrand area in the AHS surveillance zone.

None of the horses showed any clinical signs of African horse sickness.

The RT-PCR measures Ct (cycle threshold) values.

The values recorded were indicative of small amounts of target nucleic acid – they were not in the range previously found in clinical cases of AHS.

It is suspected that because there is so little nucleic acid present, attempts at virus isolation have so far been unsuccessful.

There is no explanation for the positive results as there is no history of recent vaccination.

Today DAFF reported these cases as an outbreak of AHS to the OIE – see OIE Alert below.

You will be kept informed of future developments.




African horse sickness Control measures: Immediate effect May 2013

AHS Update

African Horse Sickness Containment Zone

African Horse Sickness Veterinary Control Measures



A Thank you Letter from Professor Bruce McGorum - click here